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About Us


The National College Cricket Association is an organization that will help bring a professional cricket network amongst the colleges in the United States. We, as college students and alumni, hope to grow and advance college cricket year after year. We have over 30 colleges in America that have joined NCCA and hope to grow. We want to promote more cricket by providing a platform that allows teams to play in various leagues and tournaments, apart from the ones NCCA hosts. NCCA allows colleges to form innovative tournaments and events as well to build a strong community in the college cricket society. 



  • Host cost-friendly and professional college tournaments.

  • Have college cricket tournaments all year round to help build student connections and networks both locally and nationally.

  • Allow students to take leadership positions.

  • Create a social college cricket network for students.

  • Grow both male and female college cricket teams.

  • Create a platform for female college students.


The Story Behind NCCA



The National College Cricket Association, NCCA, was founded in November 2018 by both Babar Arshad and Roshni Chasmawala. They had a goal to implement a cost-friendly and professional college cricket platform for the students in America. 


Both of them had ideas of improving college cricket in America for both men and women. They started a Women’s college cricket team at the University of South Florida in the summer of 2018, which has been very successful. They knew, if other colleges started involving women, in the upcoming years there could be women’s college cricket tournaments as well as co-ed tournaments. 


Before officially launching NCCA, they hosted a college tournament for students and alumni in Tampa, Fl in October 2018. This tournament went well, but was not as successful as they hoped. They knew it was time to officially launch an organization to create a bigger and long-term picture. 


NCCA officially collaborated with the Prairie View Cricket Complex, PVCC, through Mangesh Chaudhari, who is a part of NCCA’s Board of Advisory along with few other college graduates. The Prairie View Cricket Complex gave NCCA its first platform to host the OMS College Premier League 2019. 

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